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Sunburst Wall Art Craft

Cico Books

Sun Plaque

Next time your family is on a nature walk, point out how many different types of grass you can spot (you'll be surprised how many there actually are) and pick some of your favorites to use in this craft. It will look lovely on a playroom wall or porch.


  • Grasses, wheat (from a floral or crafts store), your favorite seeds from a garden shop, acorns (tops broken off)

  • Clay

  • Rolling pin

  • Round cutter

  • Paintbrush

  • Ribbon


  1. Roll out a piece of clay that measures ½ inch thick. Use a pastry cutter or a glass to press out a 4-inch circle.



  2. Press seeds, the acorn tops, or bits of grass into the circle to make the eyes, mouth, nose, and cheeks.



  3. Trim the grass stalks to similar lengths, then push the stalks in all around the outer edge of the circle to make the sun's rays. Use shorter stalks to fill the gaps.



  4. Poke the end of a paintbrush through at the top to make a hanging hole. After it's dry (according to the clay's instructions), thread a ribbon through to hang.


CRAFT-TASTIC TIP: Be creative when it comes to your sun's face. Use seeds, twigs, or anything else you may find at a crafts store or in your backyard.