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Quick and Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts


You might feel confused as to teacher appreciation and teacher gift giving. You may be asking yourself how often, what to give and how much money should you spend?

However, speaking as a teacher, I can honestly say I don't expect to receive gifts from my students. If I do happen to receive something from a student it does make me feel loved and appreciated, though. Here are some suggestions for no cost gifts for the teacher:

Great NO-Cost Teacher Gift Ideas

  • List the top ten reasons you and your child like the teacher.
  • Share a specific story of a time the teacher helped your child in school.
  • Tell the teacher why she inspires you and your child.
  • Share a story how your teacher helped your student overcome an obstacle.
  • Tell the teacher how he/she was instrumental in helping reach a goal your child had set.
  • (If children are too young to write a letter, have them draw a picture of the teacher at a moment that was special to them.)
  • If you have rubber stamps, personalize bright stationery for the teacher with stamps that are geared towards his interests.
  • A thank you card (handwritten by the student of course!)
  • A picture drawn by the student.
  • Write a poem or story.
  • Create a Wordle.
  • Make a scrapbook.

Whether you write a letter, buy a gift or make something crafty, by keeping the teacher’s interests and personality in mind, you'll create the ideal gift!

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