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The Cheater’s Guide to Slimming Down

Face facts: It took nine months to put on those pregnancy pounds -- it could take that long to get them off, says maternity style guru Liz Lange. In the meantime, here are some sleight-of-hand tactics for a leaner physique:

1. Go monochromatic. "Dipping yourself in one color is very elongating," Lange says. Black, gray, brown, and berry are all slimming shades.

2. Wrap it up. Wrap-style dresses are great when your body is in transition -- you can adjust them to be tighter or looser, as needed, Lange says. And they minimize your middle.

3. Focus on flourishes. Go with chunky jewelry one day and drape yourself in scads of chains the next. "People will notice the jewelry," Lange says, "not your baby belly."

4. Get a glow. "I always feel thinner and sexier when I have a tan," Lange says. Splurge on a good self-tanner, and give yourself a little color.

5. Walk tall. Now that you have your sense of balance back, you can don your highest heels, giving you an instantly leaner profile. Prefer flats? Pointed-toe shoes make your legs look trimmer than those with rounded toes.