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The Healthiest Schedule for You

Of course you organize your day around obligations-caring for the baby, your job, your home, and a zillion other things. But if you take advantage of your body's natural rhythms, you can make your schedule work for you, says Jennifer Ackerman, author of Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream. Here are three easy ways to do it:

8 a.m. Eat your biggest meal. "The brain's mechanism for feeling full functions best earlier in the day," says Ackerman, so you stay satisfied longer and are less likely to overeat later.

5:30 p.m. Exercise. There's never a wrong time to work out, but if you want more bang for your exercise buck, head straight for the gym after work-or when your partner walks in the door. "This is when your body temperature is highest, so your muscles are warmed up and your joints are flexible, making your workout feel easier," says Ackerman.

6 p.m. Have a cocktail. Craving a glass of red wine after a stressful day is no coincidence. "We're conditioned to want to drink at the time of the day when our body is best able to handle alcohol," says Ackerman. "In the early evening, alcohol is metabolized by the liver most efficiently, so we won't get intoxicated as easily and it will have less of an effect on our ability to function."