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The Joys of Your Second Trimester

Weeks 13 through 27 are called the "golden period" for good reason:

You look pregnant And if you've been keeping the news to yourself, feel free to share it: The risk of a miscarriage drops to about 3 percent after the first trimester.

You've definitely got more get-up-and-go By now you're probably no longer feeling nauseated, and you're finally able to sleep more soundly. That extra energy makes this a great time to exercise -- or at least go for long walks.

You're not as weepy Although your hormones are still in overdrive, your body's had three months to adjust to them, so you might actually make it through a tear-jerking commercial without crying.

Your baby is becoming a reality At around 12 weeks, your doctor will be able to hear the baby's heartbeat. Between 16 and 22 weeks, you'll feel the first movements. And you'll be able to get a snapshot of your baby-to-be from your sonogram (between 20 and 22 weeks).

You can plan a getaway Doctors prefer that you travel during your second trimester rather than the two others. (The first three months carry a greater risk of miscarriage; the last, the risk of early labor.) So enjoy a vacation -- you deserve it!