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The Lazy Parent Quiz

Think you're the laziest mom around? Get in line! Better yet, take our test and see how you measure up. Give yourself points for each positive answer:

1. You put your child to bed in his clothes at least once a month (2 points).
Bonus point: He wears the clothes again the next day.

2. You've taken leftovers home from an office party to avoid having to make or buy dinner (2 points).

3. A diaper has fallen off your child from sheer weight (3 points).

4. You made up a game called "Let's pretend to go to sleep!" (or similar) that can be played lying down (2 points).
Bonus point: You have several lying-down games in your repertoire. (And would you mind sharing?)

5. You re-feed your baby the same rice cake that she's thrown on the floor a dozen times (2 points).

6. You routinely dress your child out of the laundry bag (2 points).
Bonus point: You keep unfolded laundry out in plain view in hopes the babysitter will fold it.

7. In the past week, you found at least one bottle of curdled formula under a piece of furniture (2 points).
Bonus point: The bottle was adhered to floor with dried milk.

8. You're known at the playground as "the diaper mooch" (2 points).

9. You've instituted a weekly "cereal night" in place of dinner (2 points).

10. You don't even own a nasal aspirator. Your pinkie is just fine (3 points).

11. The highchair has gotten so gross, you put it in the shower to clean it (2 points).

12. By your calculation, half a box of wipes = a bath (3 points).

13. You invite newlywed friends to change/feed/play with your baby "for practice" (2 points).

Extra credit
True or false: Laziness is a virtue, when it saves time better spent tickling a baby. (5 points) (See correct answer below.*)

Your score:
30-38: Wow! You should have your own lazy-parent reality series.

20-29: If we ever get around to starting our mommy group, you're in-and you're in charge of food.

12-19: Admit it: Instead of reading the quiz, you just answered "yes" to every other question.

5-11: You're that mom we've been bumming snacks off, aren't you?

Under 5: You're lying. Add 20 points to your score.

*Correct answer for extra credit question: True