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The Power of Scent

Love that new-baby smell? The feeling is mutual. Your infant will quickly become attached to your scent, even if she's adopted. Newborns also adjust easily to different environments and aromas, especially if they're associated with a loving mom like you. Curious as to exactly how strong your sweetie's sense of smell is?

Pretty powerful: A familiar smell like yours can help your baby cope with unpleasant experiences (like those mandatory heel sticks). Nursing? Don't feel bad that you didn't get to shower again; breastfed 2-week-olds can recognize their moms by armpit smell alone!

Oh, baby! Smelly stuff your infant will love:

Soothing baths. Using a baby-safe bedtime wash that contains natural ingredients like lavender  -- Aveeno Baby's Calming Comfort Baby Bath is a good one  -- can help soothe and reassure a fussy infant.

Smell-good friends. Eden's Sherberts Collection

Your natural scent. Attach your scent to a burp cloth or blanket by sleeping with it for a few days. Then place it near your baby while she falls asleep to help her relax (then remove it).