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The Silent Type

Lucia DiPaolo, of Columbus, OH, was a low-maintenance baby right from the start. She rarely cried, and was happy to hang out on her own. Her pediatrician said her mom, Erica, should count her lucky stars. But Erica worried: Was it normal for a baby to be so quiet?

Sure, says Jay Gordon, M.D., author of Good Nights. Infants  -- like grown-ups  -- have different temperaments. As long as your tranquil baby is hitting her developmental milestones, enjoy the silence  -- and mind these tips:

Resist the urge to entertain. Don't assume your baby is bored. For her, just watching your daily routine is exciting.

Keep the noise down. Quiet babies may shut down in too much hubbub. Create calm by sending loud siblings outside or by turning off the TV.

Don't take her for granted. A baby who doesn't fuss is a blessing, but she may not get the attention she needs. Give her one-on-one time each day  -- even if she's not crying for it.