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Tippy-Toe Walking: Sign of Trouble?

Toe walking need not be on your new list of stressors now that your baby is on the move. It's common for new walkers to tiptoe, especially when they're learning to balance and are cruising around the living room holding on to the furniture. While most quickly outgrow it, toe walking can occasionally be a sign of something more serious. Talk to your pediatrician if your toddler spends most of his time walking on his toes or can't seem to put his weight on his flat feet. These symptoms may be found in toddlers who were born prematurely. Your doctor will check for any physical ailments, like a short Achilles tendon or tight calf muscles, which can limit range of motion in the foot, and prescribe a physical-therapy treatment plan based on the cause and severity of these muscular problems. If toe walking is accompanied by other behavioral issues  -- particularly if your little guy also seems to be falling behind his peers in socialization and communication abilities  -- a further developmental assessment may be needed. Don't hesitate to discuss these concerns with your pediatrician. Most toe walking, however, is not problematic. After a while, it's you who will be running around on your toes, trying to keep up with your newly mobile tot.