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Top Mommy Blogs of 2013

Introducing the Top 10 Mommy Blogs of 2013! In no particular order, we honor these women for sharing their stories and advice throughout the year:

Community: Scary Mommy

A group of honest writers and anonymous moms’ confessions make up the content on Scary Mommy. The moms of Scary Mommy cover everything from pregnancy to birth, teenagers and beyond. Recommended post: 5 Ways Toddlers are Easier than Teens 

Athlete: Run Salt Run

Blogging under the name Salt, Lauren gives us a glimpse into her life of running, yoga and motherhood. She posts about workouts, races, her toddler, Betty, and all that happens in between. Recommended post: ’Tis the Season to Fight with My Toddler Over Having her Picture Taken 

Adoption: The Full Plate

Two parents plus nine adopted children (four from America, three from Ghana and two from China) makes for one large, loving family. The Full Plate family’s mom blogs updates on the kids (all going by pseudonym) and advocates for adopting children. Recommended post: One Mighty Day

Creative: White House Black Shutters

Ann Marie is a mother of four DIY-ing her way through decorating her home. The blog is filled with recipes and cheap design projects to do with and without the kids. Recommended post: Painters Tape Kids Flag Art 

Fashion: Ava Grace's Closet

Susan, a Canadian mom, posts photo stories about her fashion, her daughter Ava Grace’s outfits, and occasionally her son Julian’s and daughter Isabella’s ensembles.  Recommended post: What I Wore: Quilted

Finance: Cleverly Changing

The blogger behind Cleverly Changing is a mother of twins who hopes to empower and inspire others to live cleverly. She writes about finance tips, books, Sickle Cell Anemia and more. Recommended post: Health Moment: Sickle Cell Update – 4 Years Old and Summer is Here 

First Child: First Time Mom and Dad

April and her husband give the scoop on their lives as first-time parents to toddler Oliver. Though their stories are a bit crazy at times, the lovable duo shares tales and tips from an unbiased first-time parent perspective. Recommended post: 6 Things a New Mother Needs to Know to Survive the First 6 Weeks 

Social Advocate: I Am Not the Babysitter

Initially started as a way to give updates through the adoption process, Jamie Lynne Grumet’s blog is now a place where she discusses natural living, attachment parenting, social issues and more. You may remember her from the May 2012 Time Magazine cover. Recommended post: Society’s Perfect Mother 

Large Family: Not Your Average Mom

Susie is a mother of seven and the writer behind Not Your Average Mom. As a caretaker in a large family, she doesn’t claim to have it all together, instead as she says, “If you’re looking for reality, pull up a seat. You may want to buckle up. You’re in for one hell of a bumpy ride.” Recommended post: I made these Quinoa “Pizza Muffins” and my kids inhaled them. 

Single Mom: The Happy Hausfrau

A preschool teacher and mother of four teens shares her experience with kids of every age on The Happy Hausfrau. She shares stories from her life as a mom, teacher, newly single mom, divorcee and mom of teens (yes, three types of mom). Recommended post: Do You Know This Band Pearl Jam? YES I KNOW THEM SAM I AM!