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Toy Drums Recalled

May 30, 2007
The Boyds Collection Ltd. has recalled about 4,500 toy drums. The red paint on the drums contains high levels of lead, which can be toxic if ingested by young children.

The recall includes Eli's Small Drums and Liberty's Large Drums. They are made of wood and come with two wooden sticks. The sides of the drums are painted blue with white stars; the U. S. flag is featured on the drums' tops and bottoms. Printed on the packaging of the Eli's Small Drum is item number 654933, and on that of the Liberty's Large Drum is item number 654934. They were sold at gift and collectible stores nationwide from June 2005 to April 2007 for about $15.

The recalled drums should immediately be removed from children, and can be returned to the store where purchased for a full refund. For more information, call The Boyds Collection Ltd at (877) 772-3277 ext. 2179, e-mail [TOUT_LINK {} {}], or visit www.boydsstuff.comTo view this entire recall, including pictures, visit:

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