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Toy Recall Roundup

Since June 2007, Mattel and Fisher-Price have pulled millions of toys off the shelves. Read on to find everything you need  -- lists of the recalls, homegrown toys, our recall archive, and how to take recalled away from young children.

Taking Recalled Toys Away Taking Recalled Toys Away
How to relieve your children of hazardous toys - and what to do if they've been exposed.
Homegrown Toys: Made in the USAHomegrown Toys: Made in the USA
Given the recent toy recalls, a lot of parents are looking for that "Made in the USA" label. See our slide show for some great homegrown toys.
View the slide show
Mattel Toy Recall Mattel full recall list
Toys affected by the three massive Mattel recalls. See if your child's beloved toy is on the list.