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Tracey Gold and The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom

A fashion designer, a professional chef, a cop: these are the hidden career desires of three of the moms profiled in TLC's new reality show, The Secret Life of a Soccer Mompremiering on March 3 at 10pm. Host Tracey Gold (of Growing Pains fame), a working mother herself, helps moms try out the jobs of their dreams for a few days. We sat down with Tracey to talk about why choosing between a career and staying at home is still one of the toughest choices a woman has to make.

You're so familiar to so many of us who grew up watching you on Growing Pains. We mentioned to a couple of people that you were coming and they said, "Oh I feel like I know her, I feel like she's one of my friends."

People see me and they still say, "Tracey!" But I love that because when I first meet the moms on the show, it's a new experience for me, so I am always a little nervous to meet them. But they're always so warm. They're like, "Oh, can I hug you?"

So how did you get involved with the project?

The head of TLC called me in and said "I want to tell you about this show that we're doing over here." And I heard it and thought, that's so great, it's something so many women deal with. It's something I myself deal with. I love the network and it just felt like the perfect thing. I'm so excited about it!

What careers are covered?

Chef, police officer, real-estate agent, fashion designer, event planner...

I would think a multi-tasking mom would be kind of good at that.


What was it like filming the show while pregnant with your fourth child? Did it have any effect on your relationships with the other moms?

You know I think it helped. It's a great icebreaker. I think women see pregnant women and are like, "Oh, I want to have a baby." And a lot of the women had four kids. One had four daughters and one had four boys, which I am going to have.

So how do you balance work and family?

I consider myself somebody who has the best of both worlds. Because of the nature of my job, I go through periods where I'm away, I'm working, and I'm going to the set every day. Or I have a couple of months at a time where I get to be a stay-at-home mom. I just drive to school, pick up my kids, take them to play practice, and make dinner.

My mom helps out when I'm away. I don't have a nanny, so she is my help when I work. Her home is my children's second home. If my mom didn't live so close, it'd be really difficult.

I also have a great husband who helps out. I always think he's more of a kid himself, though. He's really good with my boys, but he's not a newborn baby guy.

Watch a preview of The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom: