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Treating Baby's Eye Irritations

From crusting to redness, baby peeper problems can plague nervous new parents. Fortunately, most are no big deal. Here's what to watch for:

Clogged tear ducts: It's common for newborn tear ducts to clog and for tears to overflow onto a baby's cheeks. The remedy: Apply a warm compress to the inner corner of the eye and massage it gently. If you see crusting when your baby wakes up, just wipe it away with a damp cotton ball. But if pus drainage and crusting last throughout the day, call your doctor.

Crossed eyes: Many babies cross their eyes because the muscles that control them are still weak. If your child is 4 months or older and frequently cross-eyed, however, or if it occurs at the same time each day or during the same activity, an eye exam is warranted.

Infection: If the whites of one or both of your tot's eyes are very red, and perhaps crusty or draining pus, he may have conjunctivitis (pinkeye), a contagious bacterial infection. Call the doc ASAP.