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O Henry! Ugly Betty's Christopher Gorham

In one of the year's biggest cliffhangers, Ugly Betty's Betty Suarez has to decide whether she's going to jet off to Rome with her lunch delivery beau Gio or accept a marriage proposal from her ex-, Henry the accountant.  We don't envy the tough decision she has to make—it would be hard for us to choose between free sandwiches for life and the hunky-dorky Henry, played by Christopher Gorham. In real life, Christopher is a devoted husband to his college sweetheart, Anel Lopez Gorham, and father to Lucas, 7, and Ethan, 4.  He dished on the best thing about being a dad, the parenting advice he might give Henry, and what he really wants for Father's Day (hint—it's not a tie!).

What's your favorite thing about being a dad?
My favorite thing about being a Dad is the view. I get to see my boys grow from slimy little balls of cuteness to big old smelly men like me. And, really, only Anel and I will remember all the amazing little moments from the boys first few years. Being a parent is a lot of work, and a privilege.

What do you love about having two sons?
Well, I love having two sons, but not necessarily because I have two "sons." Does that make sense? Aside from their anatomical similarity, my boys could not be more different. I love that I have two. And I love that they're friends.

What's your biggest hope for your kids?
My biggest hope for my kids is that they will make meaning in their lives. Happiness is great, but I tend to hate people that are happy ALL the time. And I don't want them to become one of those people who are forever searching for "what it all means". I think you make your own meaning.

Do they watch Ugly Betty? What do they think?
Well, we've shown them a scene or two to show them what I do when I go to work, but they haven't watched the show, they're too young. Lucas cries when he sees me on television (I don't know why), but Ethan's fine with it. It's a strange job for a parent. Even though they haven't watched the show, some of their friends (and teachers) have. Which, I think, explains why Lucas, as he was leaving the set with Anel and Ethan last week, told me, "Daddy, tell America [Ferrara, star of Ugly Betty] to kiss you!"

What's the most surprising thing about being a dad?
The most surprising thing about being a Dad is the near endless amount of work that's involved. Everyone always says that parenting is the hardest job in the world, and, if you're doing it right, it is. But you will never truly understand what that means until you have kids.

What do you want for Father's Day?
For Father's Day I want to sleep in, late, like 'til 9 and wake up to breakfast in bed, a clean house, clean dogs and some great family day trip that I didn't plan or organize. I want a photographer and videographer to document the whole thing with me actually in the pictures and video. And then, that night, when the kids are in bed, I want my wife to...well, I'd better stop there before I get in trouble.

Henry the accountant is a first-time dad. What advice would you give your character?
Wow. Well, he's in a different spot than I was, what with the whole crazy cheating baby mama situation. But, setting that aside, I'd tell him that, despite what everyone says, they do, in fact, have a book on how to raise your child (several actually). I'd advise him to read a few. Then, I'd tell him to love his kid, trust his instincts, positive reinforcement works, take pictures and video, and keep a journal. I haven't done that consistently, and I wish I had.