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Baby's 1st Year Videos: Baby Blues

Half of all new moms go through a difficult time known as the postpartum blues. This stage of feeling low or sad usually passes in a few weeks as your body mends and you get a handle on your baby's demands. Feel free to accept help from other family members and friends, and get as much rest as you can.

A smaller group of new moms, however, may need more help. The most serious postpartum depression affects somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of women. If you experience even a few of the following symptoms, talk to your partner and your doctor to get help: feeling restless or irritable, feeling sad, hopeless and overwhelmed, crying a lot, having no interest in the baby, eating too little or too much, can't sleep even when you're tired, feeling worthless and guilty, withdrawing from friends and family, having no energy or motivation. Remember -- the sooner you seek help the faster you can get on the road to getting well and enjoying your new baby and your new role.

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