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Baby's 1st Year Videos: Using a Thermometer

If you're dealing with a newborn, the rectal thermometer is the gold standard of temperature taking for an infant 6 months or younger because it's the most accurate. Any fever in a baby this young could be serious, especially in the first three months. We know taking a rectal temperature makes you squeamish, but it's actually very easy to do at this age. Here's how:

Apply petroleum jelly to a digital rectal thermometer. Lay your baby on his back on the changing table and lift his legs in the air as if you're going to change his diaper. gently slide the thermometer about half an inch into the rectum, then hold it in place for two minutes, or until the thermometer signals that it's done. Until the baby is 6 months old, any temperature at all requires a call to the doctor.

Here's an insider's tip: Rectal thermometers often stimulate baby's bowels, so have some paper towels or wipes on hand in case you get a little poop along with the temperature reading.

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