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Weird things your baby puts in her mouth

You see your tot put something in her mouth from across the room, but by the time you reach her, it's already down the hatch. Phew, she didn't choke on it, but what did she just swallow? Below, four of the nonfood items babies love to chow on, and whether you need to worry, from Louis Borgenicht, M.D., coauthor of The Baby Owner's Manual.

Crayon: If your pint-size Pollock takes a bite of her burnt sienna, remember that most crayons are nontoxic (don't buy them if they're not) and will merely add a little color to her poop.
Paper: Consider it extra fiber. "Paper will pass through your baby's gastrointestinal tract without a problem," says Dr. Borgenicht.
Poop (her own!): "It's disgusting but not worrisome," he assures. Of more concern is if the fecal matter lands in her eye, where it can cause pinkeye, he says.
Coin: If your baby swallows anything metal (or glass or magnetic), call her doctor as soon as possible. There's a small danger it could harm her gastrointestinal tract.