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What can I do about my baby's drool rash?

Irritation around the mouth and cheeks, known as drool rash, is common. At night, baby rubs those chubby cheeks against a drool-soaked bed sheet and wakes up with a rash on his cheeks. Place a drool-absorbing cotton diaper under baby's chin or a towel under the sheet while baby sleeps. Gently wipe excess drool off the skin with lukewarm water and pat (don't rub) dry. Before bed, apply an emollient ointment, such as Soothe and Heal by Lansinoh, around his mouth and cheeks. This will act as a barrier against the irritation.

Believe it or not, excess drool can also result in irritation of your baby's bottom. Saliva is a natural laxative, which may lead to more frequent, looser stools and exacerbation of diaper rash. Apply the same protective barrier ointment on baby's bottom.

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