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What Color Tells You About Your Baby's Poop

Do you read your baby's dirty diapers like tea leaves? You're not crazy; the tint of your little pooper's BMs can tell you a lot about his general health, says Jim Sears, M.D., coauthor of The Baby Book. Here, a guide to poo hue and when to call the doctor:

White: Call your doctor immediately if your tot's BM is chalky white; it may indicate a liver or gallbladder issue (don't worry, this is very rare!).

Red: Red foods and some medications can cause rosy poop, but your doctor will want to test a sample to rule out internal bleeding.

Yellow: Mustardlike poop is the "gold" standard for breastfed babies, though green is normal, too, depending on the mom's diet.

Green: Grassy stool is a common result of the iron in formula or green veggies. But if there's a sudden, unexplained change to green, talk to your doc.

Black: Soon after birth, babies pass meconium, a (normal) tarry substance. Later, black stool can be a sign of old blood being passed; call the doc ASAP.