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What I Learned From My Kids

"I've found that I have an inner child who got buried over the years. When my daughter wants to play 'Cinderella,' it's just as much fun for me to pretend I'm a princess going to the ball as it is for her."
— Heidi Perry-Hipp, Calverton, NY

"My daughter has shown me that it really is possible to eat your lunch and chew on your feet at the same time."
Christy Johnson, Cincinnati

"Persistence and humor can get you what you want. Once, my youngest kept interrupting my conversation, so I kept saying, 'Just a minute, honey.' Finally, he exploded with 'Hellooo! I need some talk here!'"
— Debra Rienestra, Grand Rapids, MI

"Having children has taught me that I can survive without sleep, a functioning brain, and sex."
Brian Miller, New York City

"My kids remind me that things are not as evident as we think: My daughter thought it was a 'cool coincidence' that all her cousins were also the kids of her aunts and uncles."
Mary Lynn Hendrickson, Stoughton, WI

"You've got to appreciate a child's innocent view of the world. When my three-year-old son and I were digging for worms so that we could go fishing, Mattie plucked a big, fat one from the dirt, held it in front of his face and said, 'Hi, worm, wanna go fishing later?'"
— Betsy Miller, Monticello, MN

"My son has taught me how to have patience because he has shown me what frustration looks like."
— Marlo Scott, Margate, FL

"A mom doesn't stand a chance of winning the race when her two-year-old is running from her in the house. Kids are always quicker. What you have to do is stop, look at her, and wait for her to come to you."
— Donna Medack, Wills Point, TX "A self-disciplined child can be corrupted by a younger sibling; everything is edible; out of fifty-five blocks there is only one 'good' one; and furniture is not for sitting on."
— Criztina Jean Fort Irwin, CA

"I've learned that silence usually means a massive mess."
— Nancy Guenin, Naples, FL

"I've realized that kids are not all the same. My first one was so easy, but my second one got us neutered. Literally -- my husband got a vasectomy."
— Frances Seadon, Port Saint Lucie, FL

"In toddler world, 'yes' and 'no' mean basically the same thing; the grocery store will still be there if we stop at the park first; for some, dirt is a food group; the planet is made of dust, so I'll never get rid of it; credit cards are still usable even after they've been bent; and the 'be nice' command also applies to adults."
— Kelli Ann Everett, WA

"When you're grouchy, jumping on the bed really will make you feel better."
— Erin England Acosta, Orange, CA

"I need to pay more attention to my driving etiquette. When I was trying to explain what traffic lights are for to my three-year-old in a simple way, I said, 'Red means stop, yellow means be careful or slow down,' and, before I could say anything about green, she shouted, 'I know, Mommy, green means 'Go, dumb #$%!'"
— Maria Norris, Holly Springs, NC

"Once you say something, you can never really take it back. And you should never say something that you wouldn't want repeated—even months later."
— Torri Westmoreland, Ball Ground, GA