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Crawling and Walking: What to Expect


Between 6 and 10 months, your baby will wiggle and stretch, then push herself up and take off. She may also shimmy, scoot on her bottom, or skip crawling entirely -- lots of babies do. To help develop a crawler's coordination:

  • Fill a babyproofed room with cushions and boxes she can crawl over, under, or through.
  • Crank some music, plop down on all fours next to her, and rock to the beat. She'll likely mimic you.


Soon after she can stand (between 8 and 13 months), she'll probably try taking steps while holding on to furniture. First she'll drag her feet sideways, but eventually she'll pick up her legs. To bring her closer to walking:

  • Push furniture together so she can cruise around a room.
  • Stand her on your lap, then slowly move each of your legs up and down so she can get used to shifting her weight.


Between 9 and 14 months, your baby will let go of the couch and take her first steps. She may be unsteady at first, but to ease her along:

  • Let her go barefoot so she can balance better.
  • Stand a few feet away from her while holding a toy. With practice, she'll toddle confidently toward you to grab it.