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What to Pack

  • Insurance information, identification, any required hospital forms
  • Labor aids like lip balm or hard candies to keep your mouth moist, massage oils, an MP3 or CD player and music, a favorite item to focus on, socks (some women find their feet get cold), and hair elastics to tie long hair back
  • A still camera and/or video camera
  • A robe, two nursing bras, several pairs of underwear, slippers with nonslip soles, a pair of flip-flops to wear in the shower
  • Hair dryer, toiletries, eyeglasses
  • Your phone/address book and a calling card (you may not be allowed to use a cell phone in the hospital)
  • Some light snacks or a sandwich for after delivery
  • A doughnut cushion to sit on after delivery
  • Books and magazines to read
  • Loose-fitting clothing to wear home (in other words, your maternity clothes)
  • The baby's going-home outfit  -- including a receiving blanket and bunting in winter