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What to Wear After the Baby

No matter how much you'd like to torch your pregnancy wardrobe, it'll probably take time to get your old body back. "Women often think they'll deliver and look like themselves again," says maternity-wear designer Liz Lange. "But you may look pregnant for a while." What to do  -- especially when sweats won't cut it?

Pair maternity separates with regular-size tops and bottoms. "The toughest fit is the waistline," Lange says. Try wearing a maternity bottom with an attractive knit top you already own. Maternity clothes often feature comfortable stretch fabrics that can help you transition back to prepregnancy shape.

If you're facing several fancy occasions, invest in one black dress. "Get something simple so that you can make it look different each time with accessories, makeup, and shoes," Lange recommends.

Go low-cut. "Take advantage of your newfound cleavage and wear a sexy top," says Lange. "Or a sleeveless top that shows a little skin. Pair it with a sheer wrap to throw around your shoulders."

Revive your pregnancy glow. A tinted moisturizer or one with self-tanner will give you some extra color. Try Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer or Neutrogena Healthy Skin Radiance Moisturizer.

Think positive. "When you're not at your ideal weight, it's normal to have a certain amount of anxiety," says Lange. "Just remember that everyone in the room will be amazed that you're able to get out of the house for something festive at all."