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When Baby Refuses to Be Put Down

Your baby wants nothing more than to be held and cuddled by you  -- a feeling you blissfully reciprocate. But if he wants to be held only by you and cries like a banshee when you try to put him down-as is the case for many moms  -- everyday tasks can become frustratingly impossible: How will you pee? Eat? Get dressed? Use these mom-tested tips to make putting your baby down easier:

Use a bouncy seat. Many moms say this was the only way they could shower in peace. "The bouncy seat calmed our son so much that we went through three of them in the first nine months," says Allison Youngworth.

Wear your baby. Moms confess to using baby carriers while going to the bathroom (so that's how you do it!) and eating (but cover his head with a napkin, advises one savvy parent).

Make noise. Ironically, white noise, like the drone of a fan, can calm a crying baby. While some opt for white noise machines or CDs, Colleen Thompson came up with her own method. "I'd run a hair dryer on a warm, low setting over my son's face."

Let them cry  -- a little. "My doctor reassured me that it did not hurt my daughter to let her cry when I had to put her down," says Christa McKinney. "He said it was safer than holding her while trying to cook." Wise words!