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Why Babies Love Hair

When you're holding your baby, does her hand often seem to find its way up to your hair? Lots of babies like to soothe and entertain themselves by pulling, twisting, and patting mom's hair. It usually starts around 6 months, when they're mastering hand control -- and often while they're eating, since that's when they're close enough to really take hold.

"It's a tactile thing, too; babies are learning about the feel of different materials," says Katy Lebbing of La Leche League International, a breastfeeding education and support organization. So don't be surprised if, as your baby's motor skills develop during her first year, she not only tugs at your hair, but also rubs your neck, picks at your shirt, and more.  All this hair grabbing might start to hurt, though, since a baby can't understand that she might be pulling too hard. Just redirect her attention: Move her hand to her own hair, or kiss it -- there are few things more soothing than that!