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Why Babies Love Your Stuff

Your baby has tons of great toys. So why does he love the remote and the car keys?

He's curious, of course, but there's more: These are the things he sees you playing with every day. If the most important people in his life are constantly using an object, it must be fun. To best handle his obsession with grown-up goods:

Give running commentary. If you don't mind his touching your stuff, great. You can also put words to his actions, like "That's Mommy's magazine  -- did you find a good article?"

Head him off. Before he can reach for your nail file or something dangerous, hand him empty boxes and lids or a few clean kitchen sponges.

Do a quick switch. If he's playing with the remote, put an old one without batteries next to him. He'll move on to the new one and you can put the real thing up high. Or take away the choking-hazard spare change but give him something else from your wallet, like the supermarket discount card. He might protest a little at first, but he'll get over it quickly.