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Why Size Doesn't Matter

Last summer, a mom at the pool asked how old my daughter was, and I proudly told her. "But that's the same age as my Sadie!" she howled. "So why is yours so small?" I took this comment straight to my pediatrician, who wisely told me to stop listening to what other moms said. And you should do the same. Here's why:

Growth charts matter (not rude strangers). You'll know how your baby's weight fares compared with others of her age and sex. But remember that the purpose of growth charts is to track your baby's current growth with her past growth  -- not to deem you worthy of a Blue Ribbon for growing the biggest baby.

The big picture is what counts. Every baby has growth spurts and plateaus, and your baby's growth curve may look more spiky than smooth. So don't go overboard and start weighing and charting by yourself  -- you'll just make yourself anxious, and this may affect how you feed your baby. (If you can't resist keeping a chart, be sure to discuss it with your pediatrician.)

Comebacks can be fun. Suggesting career options open to your uniquely sized baby is one way to respond ("She can be a model!"). If nothing else, you can simply say, "Yeah, she's a munchkin" or "Yeah, she's a moose." But don't forget to add that you wouldn't have her any other way.