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Why Toddlers Love Repetition

Does your child insist on playing peekaboo about 80 times in a row, giggling wildly each time? Or does she drop her spoon from the high chair ad nauseam, or shout her favorite word over and over (and over again)?

Repetition is classic toddler behavior. Your child's learning to explore the big world around her, and knowing you'll always be on the other side of that peekaboo blanket or react to her chatter is reassuring. She's also learning about cause and effect  -- when she drops a spoon, more often than not, you'll pick it up.

But while your child's just as tickled to listen to "Wheels on the Bus" for the sixth time as she was the first, you may be less thrilled. So it's fine to suggest another song or activity when you've had enough. Don't worry about keeping her from learning  -- you're teaching another important skill: the art of compromise.