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"Will My Baby Remember?"

You tote her to music class each week, read her books constantly, take her to the park  -- you're even considering a trip to Walt Disney World. But will she remember these things and your time together?

Nope, not everything. Your baby won't recall smearing carrots in her hair at lunchtime, squealing with laughter in the bath, or reading all those bedtime stories. But she will develop an overall impression of these early days with you.

So what's the point? Sure, she won't remember the specific events that make up her first year, but the quality of these events will form the foundation of her personality  -- her capacity to make friends, have relationships, tackle challenges, and find joy in life. Yes, your child has her own unique persona. But your loving, patient, and consistent nurturing is a lesson in trust that will enhance her well-being and add substance to her character.

Baby brain basics. The stories you read plant the seeds of her vocabulary and a love of books. Your shared laughter teaches her that relationships bring happiness. And your acceptance of who she is  -- including all the misadventures that she meets in these early years  -- will give her the capacity to have faith in you, herself, and others.