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Wind Chime Craft

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Wind Chime
A great project for your eco-avenger: Hang this pretty wind chime in the garden on your fam's fave tree or outside a window and listen to the gentle clink of shells in the breeze. If you can't get hold of colored raffia, tie the shells together with brightly colored ribbon.


  • Raffia or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Shells (found at beach or crafts stores)
  • Long stick for hanging (found in your backyard)

  1. To make one strand, cut two lengths of raffia about 18 inches long. Tie them together with a knot about 2 ½ inches from one end.

  2. Tie one knot, place a shell, and then wrap the two raffia strands around it. Make another knot to secure the shell. Space them evenly along the strand about 3 inches apart. Tie a knot about 2 inches above the last shell, then attach the end of the raffia onto the stick.

  3. Make up two more strands in the same way, using different-colored raffia. Tie the separate strands onto the stick, spacing them evenly. Trim the ends. Tie a different piece of raffia to each end of the stick to make a loop to hang on a tree.

CRAFT-TASTIC TIP: To make it even more eye-catching, paint the shells bold, bright colors.

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