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Your Baby's Keen Sense of Smell

Your infant's adorable little turned-up nose was hard at work by the time you were 28 weeks pregnant, and it's this keen sense of smell that will jump-start the bonding process with you after birth. From your shampoo and breast milk to your less-than-clean body -- all are comforting and familiar scents.

So to help ease his pain or soothe him, take advantage of his incredible nose. At his next appointment, bring along a burp cloth that you've recently used so he can snuggle against it while he's getting vaccinated. When those evening witching hours roll around, hold him skin to skin to calm him down. And as he becomes attached to a stuffed animal or blanket, don't be surprised if he prefers it unwashed; his lovey has its own special scent -- and it isn't from the laundry detergent.