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Your Body After Baby

Our quick, effective workout is perfect for new moms who are short on time and prefer to work out at home. Do the movements in one session or break them up into mini sessions that you can do while the baby sleeps.

The secret: Do as many repetitions as you can very slowly. This builds muscle, which revs up your metabolism.

The movements: 10 seconds on the "up" move; 10 seconds on the "down".

The gear: 1- to 3-pound hand weights; exercise ball; low bench; mat or rug.

Calf Raise (Targets the lower body)

  • Holding weight by right side, step onto stair or platform on ball of foot, heel lower than front of foot. Wrap left foot around right leg; steady yourself with left hand.
  • Slowly rise up; lift heel as high as you can as if on tiptoe, then lower to a full flex.
  • Repeat until you can't do another rep, then switch legs.

Wall Squat With Ball (Targets the lower body)

  • Lie on your side with your head resting on your lower arm (use a pillow if you like). Keep your legs straight and your feet flexed.
  • Slowly lift your top leg as high as you can, squeeze your buttocks for two seconds, then slowly lower down.
  • Don't rest your leg but move quickly into the next rep.
  • Repeat until you can't do any more, then switch sides.

Push-Up (Targets the upper body and torso)

  • To get a full range of up-and-down motion, use an inflated exercise ball. Stand with the ball between your lower back and a wall, arms crossed over chest. Walk your feet forward about two feet from wall.
  • Begin lowering your buttocks (ball will roll up your back) until your thighs are parallel to floor. Hold for two seconds, then slowly rise back up. Keep your knees bent slightly at the top of the movement.
  • Repeat until you can't do another rep.

Pullover (Targets the upper body)

  • Start in standard "up" position: knees on floor, toes touching floor, palms slightly wider than shoulders but in line with them. Keeping torso and neck straight, slowly lower yourself to floor. As chest touches floor, push back up until arms are extended.
  • Repeat until you can't do another rep.

Leg Lift (Targets the lower body)

  • Rest upper back on flat bench or low table. Keep knees bent and feet flat on floor. Hold weight in both hands, palms facing ceiling, directly above your chin.
  • Keeping arms straight, lower weight back behind head. Try not to shift hips. Stop when you feel a comfortable stretch, then slowly come back up until hands are again above your chin.
  • Repeat until you can't do another rep.