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"You're So Vain!"

She may seem like a budding diva  -- gazing at her reflection in the mirror and perking up at the sound of her name. But don't worry  -- she won't be trying out for American Idol anytime soon.

The truth is, she doesn't know she's staring at herself; she won't realize this until a year or later. She's just admiring a lovely friend with a cheerful, expressive face. Plus, she's learning about cause-and-effect relationships, since everything she does has a visible consequence. Point and name her features in the mirror, and play peekaboo with her mirror pal.

Your baby may also turn around excitedly when hearing her name  -- especially when someone she loves calls her. Be encouraging and include her name in songs and rhymes; make up new lyrics just for her and watch her delight as you sing them at certain times. ("Karina's gonna eat, Karina's gonna eat, hi-ho the derry-o, Karina's gonna eat")