10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Preemie

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10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Preemie

The important things you should know before you bring your premature baby home

1. How does caring for my preemie differ from caring for a full-term baby? Are there any special measures or precautions I should take?

2. What medicines does he need, and how do I give them?

3. What is her gestational age, and how do I use it to monitor developmental milestones?

4. Do preemies have special sleep issues? How much sleep does he need? Should I allow him to sleep as long as he wants to, or should I awaken him after a certain number of hours and try to offer him a feeding?

5. How much and how often does my preemie need to eat? Should I use a “human milk fortifier” or high-protein formula to give her extra protein? How can I tell if she’s eating properly and gaining enough weight?

6. How long can a premature baby go between bowel movements and still be considered normal? Should I worry if he goes more than a whole day without having a bowel movement?

7. How do I protect my preemie from illness and infections? What are the signs that she may need to see the doctor because of possible illness?

8. How should I take the baby’s temperature? What is the normal temperature range for a preemie?

9. When can I take my preemie out in public, or let him meet extended family and friends?

10. How often should I bring her in for check-ups, and what should I expect at these visits?