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12 Best Products For Bath Time

  • washcloth set


    These muslin cotton washcloths are the perfect bath time accessory. They’re super soft on baby’s skin but durable so you can use them time and time again. Choose from a variety of too-cute prints, or snag a few to switch up your routine (they also make great burp cloths). This washcloth set is sure to become a bath time staple in your home. (, $20)

  • baby wash and shampoo

    Pure Cleanser and Shampoo Combo

    You’ll mix up a rich lather with this tear-free shampoo that’s pediatrician recommended and made with natural oat extract. It’s gentle enough for newborns, rinses clean, and won’t dry out your baby’s sensitive skin and hair. (, $7

  • bath spout cover

    Ahoy, Matey

    This bath spout cover uses soft rubber to protect your little one from bumps in the tub. The ‘blowhole’ allows access to the shower diverter and the fin adjusts to fit securely to most spouts. To keep the bath spout squeaky clean, simply throw it in the dishwasher and it’ll be good to go for the next bath time. (, $13)

  • blooming infant bath

    Blooming Bather

    Scrub-a-dub-dub in this infant tub. The Blooming Bath Lotus makes bath time a breeze. Simply place the bather in a plugged sink and let water pool until it reaches the desired level and temperature. Your baby will be all smiles thanks to the plush cushion and all the bath time fun! (, $40

  • hangable cups

    Parenting Hack

    These hangable cups are perfect for the refrigerator so your kiddo can grab a glass of water whenever, but they can also be hung on most surfaces for an easy and convenient way to rinse baby during bath time. You’ll never forget the rinse cup again with one of these handy gadgets hanging by your side—bonus, they double as a toy to play with! For bathing your newborn, hang the cups next to the kitchen sink, then move them to the bathroom during the toddler years. The nonslip base means you won’t have to worry about spills on the bathroom floor, even when the bathtub ledge is extra slippery. (, $18)

  • hooded towel set

    Warm and Dry

    When bath time is over keep baby warm and cozy with this hooded towel set. The terry cloth material is soft on sensitive baby skin and perfect for cuddling for some post bath snuggles. The adorable star-print towel set is sure to become an essential part of your bath time routine. (, $28)

  • inflatable duck tub

    Floating Fun

    Your baby will be comfortably cushioned in this bath cradle that you can use in the bathtub. The super-cute rubber ducky design will make bath time feel like playtime. Plus it’s inflatable, making it easy to bring on travels long and short. It also comes with a white hot safety disc to let you know when the water temperature is too hot; it turns blue when the water is just right. (, $15)

  • baby lotion

    Smoother Skin

    This mild lotion is specially formulated for your tot’s delicate skin, and you can apply it on the face. It’s hypoallergenic, dye-and paraben-free and contains the famous No-More Tears formula. (, $5)

  • oxo toy bin

    Nifty Storage

    This Bath Toy Bin from OXO Tot makes storing bath toys look sleek and modern. There are holes to allow for quick drying and to prevent mold and mildew. The adhesive tape plate attaches to most bathroom walls, and you can easily remove and replace the bin without moving the plate. When baby grows up and you no longer need to store bath toys, this bin turns into a nifty way to store shampoo and other bath products. (, $15)

  • infant bath tub

    Tub That Grows

    This bathtub easily transitions from an infant tub to a toddler tub. Keep baby in the sling during infancy, then when they can sit up just remove the sling and you’re ready for bath time! There’s a comfy foam pad for baby’s bottom and a removable battery-powered shower spray for quick and easy rinsing. (, $26)

  • rubber ducky

    Rubber Ducky, You’re the One

    You’ll never draw a bath that’s too hot for your tot again with the Munchkin safety bath ducky—the disc on the bottom indicates when the water’s too warm by revealing “HOT” in white letters. Bonus: The classic rubber ducky design pulls double duty as a fun toy, making it perfect bath time and playtime. (, $2)

  • johnsons bubble bath

    2-in-1 Bubble Bath

    Bubble bath made specifically for babies—score! Now your baby can get into a bubble-filled bath that’s gentle enough to use every day. This super-soapy formula doubles as a body wash for the ultimate clean—just don’t forget to wash behind the ears! (, $5)