7 Cranky-Baby Soothers

by Colleen Moriarty

7 Cranky-Baby Soothers

Got a fusspot? Here’s how to cheer up your cherub.

Change is good “A baby can be upset because he’s uncomfortable in his clothing,” says Lisa Caranta, an occupational therapist in Aurora, Colorado, who suggests changing both a fussy baby’s diaper and outfit.

Create calm “During the first few months, some infants are easily overstimulated,” says Norbert Herschkowitz, M.D., coauthor of A Good Start in Life: Understanding Your Child. Making the room quieter or darker can help.

Conquer a milestone  — together Your child’s frustration over learning a new skill (she can crawl forward but not backward, for example) is a clue that working as a team will bring more smiles today.

Try a tooth fairy trick If teething’s the trouble, soothe ouchy gums. Wet an infant washcloth, twist, and pop in the freezer. Your baby can safely chomp on a frozen cloth.

Whitewash White noise isn’t just for colicky babies, says Mike Wasserman, M.D., a pediatrician at Ochsner Health Systems in New Orleans. Try the vacuum, bathroom fan, or a sound machine.

Treat tummy troubles To relieve gas pain, try gently massaging your baby’s belly in a clockwise motion. Then bring her knees in toward her tummy three or four times.

Beat boredom Whether you pick out a new lipstick, visit a friend, or drive around a nearby lake, odds are a change of scenery will make you both feel better.