Baby Feeding Smarts

by Jill S. Browning

Baby Feeding Smarts

The Dawdler
This baby takes his sweet time. He’ll eat a little, stop for awhile, then sip again, slowly.

To feed him: Tickle his feet, pat his back, or sit him up and rock him back to keep him focused. You can also try stripping him down so he’s not too hot, which can make him drowsy.

If you’re nursing and he takes a long pause, form a “C” with your hand and press down on your breast to hasten the flow and get him back on track.

The Feaster
A no-nonsense eater who drains you (or the bottle) dry in a flash. He’s a hungry baby who’s focused and fast.

To feed him: His gobbling may cause him to spit up a lot, so pause often to gently burp him. If he frequently seems uncomfortable after eating, he may be getting too much; experiment with shorter feedings, more often.

The Player
He’d rather coo, giggle, and gaze at you than get down to business.

To feed him: Reduce distractions as much as you can. Find a quiet spot, darken the room, or sit so he can’t see the door (that way, his eyes won’t wander to passersby).

It can be hard to know if he’s eating enough, but, as with all babies, if he’s pooping and wetting enough diapers (at least eight each day), he’s taking in the right amount of food.