Baby On the Move

by Anita Sethi, Ph.d.

Baby On the Move

Warning: You have now entered the mobile baby zone. Do you recall the thrill of freedom you felt at getting your driver’s license? That’s how your teetering tot feels now, so it’s time to babyproof. Picture your home from the perspective of your baby. Get down on your knees to see what she sees, and factor in these risks:

Danglers Secure tablecloths and hanging electrical wires. Cut looped window blind cords, and install safety tassels and cord stops.

Openings Cover electrical outlets. Use locks for the oven and for cabinets containing toxic cleaning supplies and small or sharp objects.

Tumblers Remove potted plants, flower vases, and unstable furniture. Anchor heavy bookcases to the wall and remove items on low shelves. choking hazards Keep breakable knickknacks and other objects that can be disassembled into small pieces out of reach.

Sharp turns Put corner guards on low coffee tables and other hard furniture, or remove them from the room entirely. Block off the top and bottom of the stairs with safety gates.

Hidden dangers Stay on the lookout for new hazards as your roving tot finds her way around your barriers. For more information, visit to download a free childproofing guide.