Babyproofing Pros

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Babyproofing Pros

Babyproofing the home is serious business, so serious in fact that some parents pay a professional to do it. You can certainly find and follow free babyproofing instructions online (check out ours at [OPENWINDOW “” “”]), but if you’re time-strapped and want to make doubly sure your house is hazard-free, this might be the route for you.

“We don’t just discuss baby proofing products,” says Alison Rhodes, co-founder of [OPENWINDOW “” “”], in Wilton, Connecticut. “We also strategize on how to create ‘safe zones’ in the home and test for hazards such as lead and radon. Then if the parents want, they can implement the changes and install the recommended items themselves, or pay us to do all the work.”

Here’s what you need to know:

[B “Cost:”] An in-home consultation of about two hours or so should cost less than $100, although prices vary widely and in some cases the pro may not even charge for this initial meeting. If there is an upfront fee, often some of it can be applied to babyproofing products and/or installation by the babyproofer.

[B “Timing:”] Before your baby is mobile. Rhodes says her company can usually return for installation within a week of the initial consultation, so ask if that’s possible.

[B “Source:”] The International Association for Child Safety ([OPENWINDOW “” “”]) maintains a searchable database of babyproofers across the country. The group doesn’t evaluate each one, though, so when you call a pro in your area, ask for references and if the company has insurance coverage.