Baby’s First Hair Trim

by Maria Livingstone

Baby’s First Hair Trim

Tips for baby’s first hair cut, at home or in the salon


Sooner or later, those wispy ends or bangs are going to need a cut. You can DIY at home or go to a salon, but whichever one you choose, make sure your child is well rested and fed. Cranky, squirmy babies and sharp scissors don’t mix.



At Home:


Use professional scissors. Hair shears give a much cleaner cut than kitchen scissors, says Harris. Pick up a pair at any drugstore for about $15.


Strap her in a high chair or booster seat. Then let her zone out in front of an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!


Skip the towel. Think your baby will stand having a cloth draped around her shoulders when she can’t even abide a bib? Dress her in an old tee or skip the shirt altogether (then plunk her in the tub afterward to rinse off the little hairs).


Spray, don’t soak, her hair. Use a spray bottle to keep your baby’s hair damp.


Cut it piece by piece. Hold a section of hair between your index and middle fingers and then comb the piece straight up. Snip no more than a half inch off each piece at a time, recommends Harris.



At a Salon:


Bring a small plastic bag to store your baby’s locks in.


Enlist a buddy. You’ll want to record your baby’s first trim, but your hands (or lap) might be full. Bring a pal to snap the pics.


Hold her. If your baby’s nervous, sit her on your lap, where she might calm down long enough for the stylist to finish the job.


Maria Livingstone is a freelance writer and a mom.