The Security Blankets and Loveys Your Baby Won’t Want to Sleep Without

by Samantha McIntyre

The Security Blankets and Loveys Your Baby Won’t Want to Sleep Without
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Who couldn’t use a little added comfort in this great big world? Your little one has many milestones ahead, and as your babe navigates a brand new environment while learning, developing and forming his or her sweet personality, it’s always helpful to have a soft spot handy. Whether for self-soothing during the day or providing an added feeling of security before slipping off to sleep at night, this is where the best baby security blankets come in.


Below, we’ve rounded up the sweetest, softest loveys and best baby security blankets for your little one to hold close to keep calm from retailers like Amazon and Nordstrom. Be sure to wait until after your baby’s first birthday to introduce these sweet soothers to reduce the risk of suffocation or SIDS. Babies will love the snuggle factor of these lovey-dovey security blankies, while moms will appreciate that they are all machine washable. 


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Bearington Baby Lil’ Owlie Snuggler


What a hoot! Your little night owl will have a hard time staying awake with this velvety soft stuffed animal lovey nearby to cuddle. The plush stuffed security blanket is made for comforting with its feel-good velour and satin fabrics.

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Lucy Darling Little Rainbow Lovey


Who needs a pot of gold when you have this luxe lovey handy for a little added comfort? With any luck, this soft, snuggly security blanket is just what your child needs to drift off to a night filled with sweet dreams.

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Aden and Anais Unisex Snuggle Knit Lovey Star Blanket


This unique lovey is helpful to have on hand for when your superstar is ready to settle down. The stretchy security blanket is super soft and calming and will have your baby reaching for the stars before bedtime.

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Jellycat Bashful Grey Bunny Baby Security Blanket


Hop online and snap up this sweet style while it's still available. The bunny atop this soft and snuggly lovey is holding onto its blanket just like your little one will hold onto it. Jellycat also makes this security blanket in several other colors and animal varieties.

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Mary Meyer Putty Nursery Character Blanket


When your little one is feeling dog-tired, this loveable security blanket will do the trick! The soft, satin-trimmed lovey features a playful plush animal of your choosing. Settle your sweetie and send your babe to sleep nuzzling a hound dog, elephant, giraffe, lamb, or even a sloth. For a few dollars more, you can get it personalized with their name.

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Jellycat Bashful Lamb Baby Security Blanket


No need to count sheep with this cuddly piece. If your cutie needs something special to cuddle when it's time for bed, this loveable lovey is just right to hold tight. This blanket has a sweet stuffie attached that your baby is sure to love.

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Bearington Baby Patches Giraffe Snuggler


If this stuffed animal blanket ever goes missing, it’ll be a tall order to fill its place. This plush pacifier will be your baby's best pal when it’s time to get ready for bed. This super soft satin and velour companion is stimulating and soothing.

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Angel Dear Blankie


Get ready for your child to look as peaceful as the sweet fawn atop this stuffed animal blanket once they have it in their small hands. They’ll be safe and secure curling up with this cashmere-soft security blanket that’s soothing enough to calm any stressful situation. This style is also available in several cuddly creatures.

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Little Giraffe Satin Trim Chenille Blanky


There's nothing better than having something special to hug, which is why we think this will be a big hit with your sweetie to hold near at nap time or when your babe needs a little extra love on the go. This handheld, satin-trimmed soother will tranquilize any tense condition in one of its two calming colors.