These 8 Swim Diapers Are the Key to Stress-Free Beach Days With Your Baby

by Bethany Braun-Silva

These 8 Swim Diapers Are the Key to Stress-Free Beach Days With Your Baby
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Just because your little one is in diapers doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a day of fun at the beach or pool together. Many different baby swim diapers on the market will allow your little one to enjoy the water without you having to worry about an embarrassing — and messy — accident. 


Swim diapers are different from regular diapers in that they won’t expand and sag when wet. If you’ve ever seen a regular diaper in water, you know what a soggy mess it is, which is why it’s essential to invest in a swim diaper for summer water fun. It’s also important to remember that, while swim diapers are designed to contain solids, they are non-absorbent, meaning liquids will pass through — so you will have to change your baby back into a regular diaper after swimming. 


Swim diapers come in reusable and disposable versions, and both work just as well to contain the mess while your baby swims. We suggest buying disposable swim diapers as a backup for when you know you will be out for a long time. 


Below, you’ll find the eight best baby swim diapers to shop in 2020. 


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i play by Green Sprouts Swimsuit Diaper


This popular swim diaper is suitable for babies as young as six months and features a three-layer waterproof design. Parents report that it fits their babies snuggly with "no rashes or leaks," and the side snap makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze.

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Pampers Splashers


These disposable diapers are great for water activities because they won't expand when wet and the double leg cuffs protect against leaks. They also have handy tear-away sides that make them easy to take off for diaper changes.

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Splash About Reusable Swim Diaper


This swim diaper is designed to fit snugly around your baby’s waist and legs to ensure nothing leaks out. It's made with water-friendly neoprene, which allows babies to move freely while remaining comfortable in the water. We also love that it looks like an adorable pair of swim trunks.

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Huggies Little Swimmers


Parents love these disposable swim diapers for the adjustable fit. The easy-open side tabs can be made tighter or looser to provide your baby with all-day comfort. "We love that they have done a great job at containing any extra mess," writes a happy parent. "And they don't clump or disintegrate."

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Nageuret Reusable Swim Diaper


This baby swim diaper has nearly 500 five-star reviews on Amazon, with parents claiming it's "super easy to put on and fits well." It also adjusts from size newborn to size five in diapers, so it will last for more than one summer. The reusable piece holds no excess water, which means no painful diaper rashes.

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Snapper Rock Swim Diaper


These diapers protect against blowouts in the pool and sun exposure. The fabric is UPF 50+ and blocks 98 percent of the harmful rays from the sun. The diaper has a waterproof outer layer and leak-proof elastic leg openings.

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Convenience on the Go 2-Pack Swimmy Diapers


In addition to purchasing a reusable swim diaper, this disposable pack is great to throw in your diaper bag as a backup. The diapers are free of harmful ingredients like chlorine and alcohol, which can irritate your baby's skin. They come in a convenient two-pack ofr either small, medium or large sizes.

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Charlie Banana Swim Diaper


This diaper is made with a waterproof outer layer, while the inner layer is made with absorbent and breathable Tencel. It features adjustable ties at the waist for a secure fit and is machine-washable for added convenience.