Breast Is Best — for You!

by Beth Howard

Breast Is Best — for You!

Two good-for-you reasons to give nursing a try

You already know that breastfeeding can help you lose some baby weight. Now, scientific studies reveal two more good-for-you reasons to give nursing a try:

1. Breastfeeding can help fight the baby blues. Researchers recently discovered that postpartum depression often stems from inflammation, which can be triggered by stress. When nursing is going well, your body releases fewer inflammatory molecules, according to a researcher from the University of New Hampshire. (When breastfeeding is stressful, or there’s pain involved, it can actually boost your risk for mood woes.)

2. Breastfeeding may protect against breast cancer. Delaying childbirth until after age 25 (or skipping it altogether) increases your risk for breast cancer later on. But if you’re a first-time mom after 25, nursing offsets this risk, according to a new study from the University of Southern California.