Breastfeeding Twins

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Breastfeeding Twins

Nursing one baby can be tough enough. Here’s how to nurse two
Getting the hang of breastfeeding one baby can be tricky enough, let alone learning how to maneuver two to the boobs. A special twin nursing pillow and an extra set of hands, if possible, will help. Then, here’s what to do:

Double-cradle hold Nestle Baby A in your left arm, cupping her butt in your hand, and raise her to your left breast. Place Baby B in the same position in your right arm and latch her to your other breast. Their heads should be apart but their legs and feet crisscrossed.

Double-clutch hold Place Baby A on your left side so her feet tuck behind you. Support your left breast with your right hand and pull her close with your left arm. Once she is latched on and sucking well, do the same with Baby B on your right side.

Cradle-clutch hold Nestle Baby A in the cradle hold on your left side and Baby B in the clutch hold on your right side.

Adapted from Twin Set: Moms of Multiples Share Survive and Thrive Secrets, by Christina Boyle and Cathleen Stahl. Copyright © 2008 by Christina Boyle and Cathleen Stahl. Published by Three Rivers Press, a division of Random House, Inc.