Clever Crying Soothers

by admin

Clever Crying Soothers

15 quirky ways to calm a crier.

Read A Mom's Guide to Baby Tears. Here are 15 more ways to calm that baby:

1. Run the shower.

2. Rub his belly.

3. Sing the chorus of "Umbrella."

4. Check out some greenery.

5. Bark! (or burp, or make another surprising noise)

6. Stroke her hair.

7. Turn on your hair dryer.

8. Hand him to someone else.

9. Stroll over gravel or a bumpy lawn.

10. Massage his feet.

11. Make a funny face.

12. Put a warmed bottle of formula on her belly.

13. Switch on the vacuum.

14. Sing "Silent Night."

15. Find a cute dog you can sit and watch.

16. Still stuck?

Check out Child Health Guide to see if your baby might be suffering from something else