12 Cute and Funny Baby Clothes to Show Off Your Parent Pride

by Saryn Chorney

12 Cute and Funny Baby Clothes to Show Off Your Parent Pride
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We get it: Your little nugget is the apple of your eye and your heart is just bursting with joy over their off-the-charts adorableness. If you could, you’d probably declare that parental devotion from a billboard on your front lawn, in skywriting or even during a Super Bowl ad. But before you spend crazy money on those far-out ideas, check out all these sweet, funny, punny and perfectly stylish baby outfits and accessories from Amazon and Etsy that announce mommy and daddy’s love, pride and appreciation of baby without breaking the bank. These baby onesies, outfits, shirts, bibs and more also make fun and thoughtful baby shower gifts.


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‘Ain’t No Mama Like the One I Got’ Boys’ Leggings Outfit Set

Price:$11.00 - $14.00

Soul music fans will recognize these lyrics (hello Four Tops!), but even the less musically inclined will smile when reading this sweet message on your baby boy’s printed long-sleeve top. The army green leggings make this outfit set a stylish addition to your little man’s growing closet.

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'Daddy Is My Superhero’ Baby Girl Romper Three-Piece Set


It’s a bird. It’s a plane … it’s SuperDad’s kryptonite! Nevermind the occasional crying; this SuperBaby girl sequin tutu skirt, black-and-gold hero logo onesie and glittering bow headband from Doam will save the day and win daddy’s heart, especially if he’s a DC Comics fan.

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‘Mommy’s New Man’ Three-Piece Newborn Boy Outfit


Daddy better watch his back, because mommy’s got a new main man! This Amazon Choice romper set for boys features an adorable and hilarious moustache print on the hat and pants, plus a very cheeky slogan that’s perfect for mother-and-son dates or just lounging around the house and basking in each other’s loving presence.

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‘Mommy Is My Bestie’ Baby Girl Three-Piece Set


The bond between mom and baby goes beyond words, but “bestie” is a sure bet. We love the simplicity of this short-sleeve romper slogan matched with the more elaborate and sparkly bow headband and ballerina-inspired skirt.

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‘Daddy's Little Man’ Baby Boys' Three-Piece Outfit


Whether dad’s an outdoorsy lumberjack type or grunge music guy, his mini me will look absolutely adorable in this long-sleeve plaid T-shirt, pants and hat set. This outfit’s soft and cozy fabric will keep "daddy's little man" safe from the cold and looking cool — just like his handsome pop.

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‘Daddy’s Other Chick’ Baby Romper

Price:$6.00 - $14.00

This outfit by Emmababy for newborn girls and their proud papas just makes us giggle. This Amazon Choice outfit includes a long-sleeve shirt, pants, hat and headband to make sure that “Daddy’s Other Chick” is warm and snuggly all winter long — whether she’s in her father’s arms or competing with mom for his attention.

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‘Daddy Is My Hero’ Unisex Camo Romper Set

Price:$7.00 - $13.00

Camo never looked cooler than this three-piece romper, pants and hat outfit from Baorong. Whether it’s a gift for a friend whose decided to forgo the gender reveal or for your own petite ‘n chic fashion plate, the deep purple and shades of khaki and gray color scheme plus the Batman-inspired slogan and design are on-point for either gender.

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‘Mind On My Mommy’ Newborn Baby Onesie


Skip the gin but bring on the juice with this Snoop Dogg-inspired onesie. Your future lyrical gangsta will turn heads and tickle funny bones when he or she wears this hashtag-laidback romper. Check out the Legit Avenue shop on Etsy for more rap-tastic items featuring chuckle (and groan) worthy phrases like “Straight Outta Mommy,” “Party at My Crib” and more.

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Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Boys' 8-Pack Burp Cloth and Bib Set


Whether he’s “Daddy’s Buddy” or “Mommy’s Little Star,” you’ll have a few days (or meals!) worth of bibs and burp cloths to choose from with this cute, Amazon Choice pack from Carter’s. And although it’s officially for boys, we think the messages — and dinosaur or sports balls prints — are super cute for little gals, too.

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'Mommy's Snowboarding Buddy' Baby Onesie


If ‘Mommy’s Yoga Partner’ is a bit too sedate for you and your adventure baby, may we instead suggest this snowboarding enthusiast romper instead? Unisex and perfect for a winter new arrival, whatever your thing is, the First Favorite Shirt shop on Etsy has something cute and fun for that.

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'My Daddy Rocks’ Baby Bib


Inktastic is another baby clothing company with a bunch of sweet and silly options. This rocking bib comes in pink or white, but will likely end up with all the colors of the rainbow on it post-mealtime. Baby groupies, man, what a mess!

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‘Mama's Little Dumpling’ Baby Onesie


This delicious romper accurately conveys that feeling when your baby is just so darn cute you want to eat them up! It also makes the perfect baby shower gift for a foodie friend or dim sum fanatic. Nom nom, mom.