Over 30,000 Parents Love These Baby Booties Because They’re the ‘ONLY’ Ones That Stay On

Babies have squirmy, small feet—not an ideal combination if you want their tootsies to stay nice and toasty all day in some cozy socks or booties. Luckily, thousands of parents on Amazon have experimented with enough footwear to know when they’ve found the best option for newborns and pre-walking babes, and Hudson Baby’s Unisex Cozy Fleece Booties have impressed over 30,000 shoppers enough to get perfect ratings from them all. They’re such a hit, in fact, they’ve climbed up the baby booties ranks to become the number-one bestseller on Amazon.


The features that stand out most? The structured baby booties are lightweight, easy to put on, soft, a great price point compared to competitors, and of reliable quality. Of course, one of the most appealing part to many parents is that these shoes actually stay put thanks to the Velcro-style enclosures.


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“They are the ONLY socks/booties that have stayed on my newborn’s feet. (Note: He’s our third and we’ve dealt with the sock debacle with every child. Not our first rodeo!),” one five-star reviewer explained. “They are ridiculously large on him but, because of the wrap/Velcro closure type, they have never come off and his feet are always nice and warm. Added bonus is that he can still grow into them, so they’re absolutely worth their weight in gold.”


“These are one of the best things I have bought since my son was born!! I wish I had bought them months ago,” another weighed in. “They are not quite shoes, so they aren’t rigid, but they’re soft and comfortable allowing little growing feet all the freedom they need to develop properly, and they’re more than socks so they’re perfect for keeping feet warm when going out. AND THEY STAY ON!! They’re definitely one of those things that, even though they’re new, I already know I don’t want to be without! I plan to order more so I can have several pairs around.”


Since the main concerns with newborn booties are more about comfort, warmth, and providing ample room for growing feet, Hudson Baby’s adorable pair feature a plush fleece material and non-skid soles for when it’s time for those first few steps. You can shop them in a range of sizes, from 0-6 months up to a 6-12 infant. They’re also available in over 60 color combinations and styles (yes, 60), like a festive snowman with the cutest carrot nose, a happy-go-lucky pair of monkeys, and colors like brown and cream, strawberry pink, and light gray.

Fleece Hudson Baby Booties on Amazon, Baby Shoes for Boys and Girls



To buy: from $7.98;


Starting at under $8 a pair, these are one high-quality baby item you can shop without the guilt of overspending on something your little one will outgrow in what seems like a matter of minutes. Grab a pair on Amazon now.