Modern Heirloom Baby and Children’s Jewelry

by Sasha Emmons

Modern Heirloom Baby and Children’s Jewelry
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Need an extra-special gift for a baby shower or christening? This keepsake bling with a modern twist will last a lifetime. Great for big sisters too!

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Children's Lovely Locket of Memories


A locket's an old school heirloom gift, but this isn't your Grandma's version. The sleek finish and glass trumpet flower give it a youthful feel. Add a family photo or just tuck in a sweet message for her to find later.

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Amelia Elegant Sterling Silver Princess Heirloom Bracelet


A block name bracelet is a time-honored classic; we love the subtle approach taken with this sterling silver number, with silver twist rounds and a single charm (you choose from a bunch of options).

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Sterling Baby Cuff Bracelet


This sleek cuff is perfect if you're looking for a matched set for siblings, since it comes in both baby and toddler sizes (shown).

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Gypsy Girl Anklet


This bohemian-inspired silver anklet (can be worn as a bracelet too) jingles when your babe moves. Later, when she's mobile, it serves as low-tech baby GPS.

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Mommy Daughter Pieces of Me Personalized Necklace Set


Author Elizabeth Stone said having a child "is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body," and this mommy-child necklace illustrates that concept perfectly.

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Baby bracelet


Heirloom jewelry isn't just for girls. The rough edges of this cuff give it a masculine, I'm-with-the-band feel -- just the thing for your rocker-in-training.

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Stacker bangles


Love the stacked bangles look? These Indian-inspired, hammered bracelets come in a stack of 8.

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Bumble Babies ID Bracelet


This ID bracelet is a great unisex option; engrave it with a full name or just initials.

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Silver Keepsake Baby Bracelet


You can't go wrong this adjustable classic band, constructed with special non-tarnish silver. Engrave with baby's name or keep it plain and simple.

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Freshwater Pearl Dainty Bracelet


This wee strand of pearls -- strung slightly off-center for a unique look -- come with a grow chain that allows years of wear.

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Sterling Silver Baby Bracelet


This slim, hammered cuff has an industrial-chic look we love. Need a shower gift for a delivery surprise? This works for both boys and girls.