Sun Protective Swimsuits for Babies and Kids

by Kate Kurka

Sun Protective Swimsuits for Babies and Kids
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Summertime and the living’s easy, but don’t let the laid-back lifestyle of the season fool you into forgetting that sunburns can occur in a matter of minutes—especially if your little one likes to play in the water. Double up on sun protection by pairing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UV-protective clothing and other accessories.


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Floral Rash Guard


This rashguard and bathing suit bottom will cover up your little one without hindering her style. The adorable two-piece bathing suit set includes a rash guard with coordinating toddler swimwear bottom. Both pieces offer sun protection of UPF 40 so she can play in the water “just five more minutes” while still being shielded from UV rays.

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Little Girls Rash Guard Set


Stock up on sun-protective swimsuits so your little mermaid can keep having fun in the sun while her other suit is in the laundry. Blocking 98 percent of harmful UV rays, this set helps protect skin from sunburn even if you forget to reapply sunscreen. The best part is that this Land’s End swimsuit was made to last—even after multiple washes and exposure to chlorine.

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Short-Sleeve Rashguard


This rashguard made for little boys is exactly what you need this summer. Pair with board shorts for protection from the harsh sun rays at a day on the beach, or wear at the park for protected play during the day. The quick-dry fabric keeps your child dry and cool whether they’re splashing around or working up a sweat.

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Pineapple Rash Guard Set


This super-cute girl’s swimsuit set provides full UV coverage on your baby’s skin. The UPF 50+ protection offers another layer of coverage—because we all know how difficult it is to get the littles to stop playing to reapply sunscreen. Plus, you can pair it with a floppy hat to protect her face and neck from harsh rays.

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Boy’s Long-Sleeve Rash Guard


This bright yellow rash guard from Target provides all the functionality of swimwear with the fun designs from Cat & Jack. He’ll love the bright colors, and you’ll love the UPF 50+ sun protection.

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Colorblock Rashguard Set


Sea you later, sunburn! With this fun neon-colored rash guard and boyshort set, your little girl can say hello to summer and goodbye to painful sunburn. With a sun protection of UPF 50, she’ll be covered even if she’s too busy swimming. Just make sure she comes out of the water long enough to reapply sunscreen to her legs.

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Boy’s Logo Rash Guard


Your little boy will love showing off his personality with this neon rashguard. Whether he prefers the jellyfish or the shark he’ll be wearing his heart on his sleeve and his individuality on his shirt. Plus, the fabric provides protection from the sun so you can relax on the beach while he plays in the surf.

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Ice Cream Rashguard


I scream, you scream, we all scream—for proper sun protection, and this so-sweet swim two-piece from Gap Kids does just that. The ruffled hem provides a feminine detail so your girly-girl can protect her skin from harsh sun rays without compromising her style.

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Polka-Dot Sun Hat


This super-cute sun hat provides extra protection to your little one’s head, face, and neck while you’re enjoying the sunshine. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends outfitting your child in a hat that covers their ears and neck for optimal protection. (If your child has their heart set on a baseball cap, make sure to apply sunscreen to their neck and ears.) This kid’s sun hat from H&M covers many of the prime sunburn spots—scalp, face, ears—plus it adds personality with the polka-dot pattern and adorable bow at the front.

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Baby Bucket Hat


This reversible Patagonia bucket hat pulls double duty. Not only does it provide sun protection for your little one, it also is made of a recyclable material for sustainability. The classic bucket hat design is utterly adorable, and the material is wind- and water-resistant so your child is ready for any adventure, from the pool, to the playground, to the coastline.

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Kids’ Baggies Jacket


This kid’s jacket is easy for your child to throw on over their bathing suit. The water-resistant material is perfect for a day at the beach without worry of splashes and waves. Bonus: The UPF 50 material protects from the sun even on overcast days when you may forget to apply sunscreen.

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UV-Protective Sunglasses


These classic-shaped sunglasses are a summer must-have. Not wearing sunglasses with UV protection can lead to vision problems such as cataracts later on in life. These sunglasses protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays while still keeping them looking cool.

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Shimmer & Shine Sunglasses


These sparkly sunglasses are sure to dazzle just as bright as your little girl’s personality. The durable frames will keep up with any adventure, the 100 percent UV-protective lenses help keep her eyes safe.

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Columbia Boardshorts


These comfy water shorts are a summertime essential for your little boy. With a durable design and quick-dry fabric, these shorts can be worn at the pool or day to day, plus the super-fun patterns are easy to pair with a t-shirt or swim shirt for any summer adventure. Young skin isn’t compromised with these shorts either because they feature built-in UPF 50 sun protection.

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Swim Set


This adorable swim set provides coverage from the sun without sacrificing personality. The swim shirt and shorts are made of UV-protective fabric, and the set comes in multiple sizes and styles so you can dress your baby and your toddler in matching or coordinating swimwear.